11x17 Brochure Brochures

Product Size: 11x17


A full color brochure is an excellent way to market yourself and leave information about your campaign in the hands of each voter you meet. Your campaign brochure can feature your logo, photos, lists of your accomplishments, and issues. Printed brochures are are great way to communicate with people who do not use the internet or who have not seen your website. Brochures can also be mailed to give you more room for your message. All brochure can be folded to fit your needs for the final size.


  • 5-7 Day Turnaround (Rush Available)
  • Premium 100# Gloss Text Paper
  • Folding Included


Step 1 - Select Quantity

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Step 2 - Artwork Options

  • Upload Artwork:

    Please ensure your files are properly exported as a PDF or a flattened .jpg or .tif file, all other file types may require an additional fee.

    Artwork for side 1:

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  • Typeset:

    For simple artwork, such as a name and address for an envelope, please include it below.

  • Send Art Later:

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  • I Need Art:

    Don't have art for you project? No problem - we can help with that! Click this option and one of our friendly reps will contact you and get you started!

    Design fee: $350.00. Fee includes 2 rounds of revisions. Any other revisions will require additional fees.

Step 3 - Turnaround Options

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Step 4 - Delivery Options

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Step 5 - Union Bug

  • Yes - I want to proudly display the union bug
  • No - I do not want the union bug on my printed piece

Step 6 - Mailing Services Options

  • No, I don't need to mail this

    Choose this if you don't need us to mail this for you.

  • Yes, I need mailing and I have my own list already

    Choose this option if you already have a mailing list for this project. We'll email you with a request for your list after your order.

    Costs an additional $0.00. Postage will be billed later.

  • Yes, I need mailing and I need a list

    If you need to mail this but don't have a list yet, choose this option. One of our friendly reps will call and help you find the perfect list!

    Costs an additional $0.00 plus additional fees billed later for the mailing list and postage.

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